10 Reason 

Tent Peg from

§   SwissPiranha tent peg Head fits flat on the ground.
   (Dont trip- and  Hurt your self even when you fall on it)

§   Because the head is flat on the ground
   the ground below gets compressed =
higher pullout force

§   No sharp edges after treat it by Hammer, Axe and Stone
   (no damage to tent fabric)

§    Normal ground you set it by hand or foot

§   The SwissPiranha uses 13 times less power for manufacturing and
then tent peg made out of ALU.

§   The highperformance plastic Piranha NT“ does not break .

§   If you bend it you can get it back to its original look by using the
oven temp 160°Celsius for 5 Min 


§   SwissPiranha is  100% Swiss Made.

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