Highland camping surrounded bay lots of mountains.

The drive there is already an adventure, you need a good 4*4 car to get through the fords, and some of them can be tricky. If you are not sure ask at the tourist information in Hvolsvöllur they can give more information about the actual road situation.

The campsite is one of the coolest one in Iceland there is lots of space just find your self a comfy spot. 

Just make sure that the tent is well pegged to the ground it can get windy at night.
We recommend using the SwissPiranha RT220 on the guy lines.

An amazing place with an exceptional view.

Flush toilets and showers available by the hut, you have got the opportunity to use the grill by the hut.

Ground is soft.

Very friendly staff at the hut.


Coolness factor (1-5):  


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